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Chapter 10 Page 61

02 Oct 2015 02:56 pm

Average Rating: 5.00
Ah yes DT, going for the Drake Sword huh, good plan.
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Author's Comments:

H0lyhandgrenade, 02 Oct 2015 01:08 pm

So, I don't usually like to do this, but I felt I ought to address a common theme in comments I've been getting lately, considering the ah... Dislike for Kirst and Laika. Yes, I AM aware that what they've doing hasn't been pleasant. I'm just going to say, stick with it, and if you still end up being unhappy, well, there's always next chapter. I'll admit I must have misjudged; I didn't expect people to love them or anything, but I didn't expect such intense hatred and unhappiness over a character being a jerk. The more you write the more you learn.

On a brighter note, there were some pages missing from earlier chapters, but they've been fixed now =) Thanks to Glueckskeks for helping me out with fixing it, and thanks to the folks who messaged me letting me know!

See y'all soon.

User's Comments:

Reply Visitor (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 02:58 pm

Might want to let go, DT.

Reply Guest, 02 Oct 2015 03:01 pm

Eh, they're just over-reacting h0ly. I honestly don't know why. I mean, come on, Thad and Trix didn't get nearly as much hate, and they pulled a gun on Atticus. I don't think "being a jerk" is worse than "nearly murdering the main character".

Reply Realdream (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 03:08 pm

@Guest:This guys right h0ly, most people are just over-reacting. I myself am actually looking forward to see how this turns out.

Reply Guest, 02 Oct 2015 03:15 pm

Yes, the beginning of his cunning plan!

Death by a thousand noms.

Reply anon (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 03:20 pm

I think the difference is that you kind of expect Team Rocket to be jackasses, but in this it seems like they're bullying someone for something that's kind of expected for a trainer to do when he encounters a gym leader.

Reply quinn (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 03:24 pm

I actually find them pleasantly distasteful. As long they don't lower the quality of the story, I think they make good adversaries. And I'm really curious to see how Atty responds to a jerkface who has him completely and utterly outgunned.

...Think of it like Umbridge from Harry Potter. She's a magnificent character, but everyone absolutely despises her.

Reply Phoena (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 03:45 pm

I find Kirst somewhat obnoxious with all his assumptions about Atticus, but I don't think he's a bad guy. As for Laika, I've been intrigued by her character since she first showed up in Rumplestiltskin. She seems pretty cool.

Reply BattleStarX, 02 Oct 2015 03:52 pm

That last panel is by far too funny. I can imagine everyone in the room being dead silent with little ellipses over their heads.

Reply CrowWingedAngel, 02 Oct 2015 03:58 pm

What's Dragonthing doing?
She's doing her best.

Reply Unnessecary (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 04:14 pm

I don't like them not because they are assholes, but because their not very funny and are self righteous assholes. The fact that they are so smugly sure Atticus is doing something wrong when he isn't, against the protests of the kid they say they are defending, and are insulting him while attempting to beat him into the dust just makes them unlikable.

At least when the Masked Man did this, he had a good reason. He just saw Atty push Kahn into fighting when Khan didn't want to. And after the very short fight he accepted Atty's obviously bogus excuse about dt fainting which kinda showed he figured out Atty wasn't as malicious as he first thought and just left.

Most of the characters of Mokepon are jerks in one way or another, but most have something interesting that makes them funny or likable. Krist's complete hypocrisy is a bit amusing, but Laika is just boring. So when they act like Jerks, I have less reason to ignore it.

Reply Armaturkey, 02 Oct 2015 04:29 pm

Hey... sometimes those characters just...exist. The fact that they are garnering that kind of a reaction has to be a success considering they were meant to be disliked.

Plus it gives someone to make atty look like a saint in comparison since pretty much everyone he has encountered save for some Rockets seems to be on the more pleasant side than our protagonist! lol

Reply PotatoNinja (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 04:39 pm

These are your characters, you're free to do with them and give them traits as you see fit. If some don't like it, just kinda sucks for them if they're letting a few characters spoil the whole bloody thing for em.

Idk if Laika is being a jerk so much as teaching Atty a lesson, I think. He wants to battle a gym leader while they're on vacation? Well there's a gym leader who is willing to fight you. The gym leaders have their role for a reason. Then again the previous pages have become a bit faded in my mind, so that's a thing.

We shouldn't really complain about her using a much stronger pokemon on him, we do it all the time in the games guys, think of the NPC's, and yes, Gym Leaders ._.

Kirst is just, eh. It's obvious that he's being illogical and hypocritical but like, oh well. It's just fictional characters y'all, they all have their traits and appearances for a reason.

Reply Mr. Man (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 04:40 pm

Write what you like, it's been working well so far.

Reply Z (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 04:56 pm

Don't worry H0ly, people do love them, as villains that is.

They just ensure that people are rooting for Attie. "Love to hate" is the trope for them :)

Reply Justme (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 05:03 pm

Honestly, I LIKE Laika. She's the hottest female character you've put in yet. And to be honest, I feel that you have her acting realistically. These trainers are all here on vacation and here comes an upstart looking to pick on a younger trainer for an easy victory? As for Kirst... yes, he's being a bit of an a-hole, but he's still acting realistically. You can tell it's in his character... who the hell dresses like that and acts POLITE all the time? If anything, these people would be acting even MORE severe if they knew the background that we know about Atty. Those that are complaining just aren't thinking or are looking for everyone in the comic to be "Oh, you're the main character? Okay, you're the coolest guy ever and we bow before your excellence."

Reply Sagan (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 05:09 pm

They've got a bullying streak to them, but honestly, Atty's far from squeaky clean either. I still haven't forgotten his indifferent attitude towards DT or his needlessly blunt goodbye thrown at George

Reply Krazehhcakes, 02 Oct 2015 05:11 pm

@Unnessecary: Atty was going to battle an underage gym leader ((labor laws)) on vacation simply due to type advantage.
Also atty was running from a challenge through a bathroom window lol.

Reply Caio (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 05:41 pm

I don't think Laika is a jerk. That's new to me. Cold maybe, but not a jerk.

Kirst, on the other hand. He's going out of his way to be an asshole. I wanna see the day Atty beats his sorry ass.

Reply Riverfox237 (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 05:47 pm

In case it helps, at worst, I think Kirst is irritating, and Laika seems like she could be cool without the misconceptions.

And come one, he SAID he wanted a pokemon battle, it's not like they're putting him on trial or killing him or anything.

Anyhoo, just...idk, thought I'd reassure you of another person who doesn't hate them. *shrug*

Reply Guest, 02 Oct 2015 05:50 pm


Lets not forget the shooting star, Rat, and his ear. I had a great laugh then, and still find it funny remembering.

Reply MilkyTea, 02 Oct 2015 05:50 pm

I think part of the reason they are so hated is because, since the release speed is so slow compared to how long the actual event would last, we're subjected to these jerks being jerks for a very long time, and every time we seem them, they're still being jerks! So there's nothing to redeem them, but the abuse seems to pile up.

Also, they're doing this whole show (public humiliation) to "protect" a kid... sounds noble enough, except it's the kid's JOB as a gym leader to battle every challenger. And the kid wasn't even upset or bothered at all. Kirst just got offended in the name of someone who was neither wronged or offended to begin with, and decided to punish someone for it.

We've seen Atticus get forced to battle because "that's just how it works" and yet they complain about it. I fully expect trainers would battle each other while on the can if they could get the door open while you're in there, so they shouldn't be so surprised to be challenged on vacation.

Kirst may be a bully and a self-righteous butthead, but Laika seem smart, so I'm sure she's not all bad.

Reply Sebastian (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 05:52 pm

@Justme: I agree wholehertedly. Personally I never cared for the fact that all of the gym leaders were happy, amicable people to every cocky little asshole kid who challenged them. You characters seem like real human beings. I like Kirst and Laika a lot. This is your story. If people don't like the way you're writing it, they don't have to read it. *shrug*

Reply Nobuna, 02 Oct 2015 06:05 pm

I didn't think there was an issue, but keep it up I like this chapter. Frankly Atty has done far worse and said far worse, so it's not like he doesn't deserve this treatment. He also is technically getting what he asked for

Reply Rob Carlson (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 06:21 pm

Oh my god, I LOVE this page. Dragonthing actually had me fooled for a moment. xD

Reply King (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 06:21 pm

Pls don't pls don't make any changes because people commenting. Vocal minority and all that.

Reply Emma (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 07:00 pm

My issue is her blatant hypocrisy. Atty was a "bully" for daring to challenge the young grass gym leader (assuming that wasn't a pretense.)and she frog marches him into a big public fight and whips out a motherloving charizard. Frankly I have no idea how you could make what she's doing ok (I assume it's supposed to be some lesson)

Reply joanne kaye, 02 Oct 2015 07:42 pm

Well it isn't as though they aren't doing what pretty much everyone who plays the games does- I mean really, the only time I HAVEN'T seen someone over-level in order to beat up all the everything was when someone was playing with rules against it (typically a Nuzlocke).

...Also they're clearly social justice bloggers come on it's SO obvious!

Reply worst trainer (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 08:25 pm

wuhtttt... i really like these characters tbh. xD
it's not often i see a tough-looking female character, especially in pokemon...

Reply Nyzer (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 08:48 pm

... Huh? I don't get why they're hated. They're not terribly nice people, but they're teaching some overconfident party crasher who honed in on Luke a lesson, or at least that's how they seem to see it.
AND Laika gave Atty a chance to back down, even if she did make a taunt out of it.
AND this is... just a battle. I mean for crying out loud, Atty had someone break into his room, rifle through his stuff, and then challenge him and no one on the ship batted an eye.

Frankly, getting his jumper stolen at the rock gym when he didn't even want to have any part in that crap was a lot worse than what Laika and Kirst are doing.

Reply Evilbob_dA, 02 Oct 2015 09:02 pm


Don't think Kirst is getting that much hate, h0ly. Besides, he's a gym leader. As we all know, we hold gym leaders to a higher standard.

It's like how people don't go into streets in protest about asshole bouncers who engage in excessive force. Asshole police who engage in excessive force...? Expect, at the very minimum, a demonstration... Don't be surprised if it turns into a full-on riot...

Reply varsaigen (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 09:07 pm

Can you imagine how boring stories would be if everyone got along? Stories (especially those with drama in it), NEED characters that are jerks. Consider them antagonists, whether major or minor in role. They provide strife and conflict for the protagonist to overcome.

In this case, Atticus is dealing with some... possibly middle-rank antagonists. How he emerges from this, physically and mentally, is what is most important.

So for all those griping about jerks being present in the comic, be patient and see how it turns out! Who knows, they might just meet karma, putting them in their place. And wouldn't their reactions be priceless? :D

Reply RazorD9, 02 Oct 2015 09:22 pm

Is it wrong for me to think it's cute that D.T. is biting Blaize tail in the last panel.

Huh, it is kind of weird how people react to characters and all. Sure Kirst was all in Atty's face and Laika pulled a Charizard, but not like they were curb stomping puppies or growlithes or some other puppy pokemon in front of orphans. Hell, most of the time in the show when someone is being a jerk to Ash they turn out to be great guys with dreams and are all buddy with Ash at the end of the episode. So let 'em be jerks, because then at the end of the chapter when the Squirtle Squad are putting out the St. Anne, Kirst and Laika are going to be bro fisting Atty.

Reply qazox, 02 Oct 2015 09:55 pm

Wish Bite was more effective there DT...

Reply Guest, 02 Oct 2015 10:18 pm

I don't think you should worry about any hatred they're getting. Good stories need jerks, they keep things interesting.

Reply Myou (Guest), 02 Oct 2015 10:34 pm

I actually don't have much of an issue with Laika. Kirst is the one that grinds my gears, mostly because hypocrisy is a pet peeve of mine and he's wallowing in it. As others said, I hold a gym leader to a higher standard than Joe Shmoe or Team Rocket. It's part of their job to accept any challenge, so the bullying seems petty and unnecessary to me.

Reply HVoice, 02 Oct 2015 11:01 pm

LMAO that Charizard is like "Whut...really?"

Reply SVM (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 12:55 am

It's 'cause the gym leaders are being petty jerks over nothing. Like, gasp, a trainer challenged a gym leader. Woop-di-doo.

Some people are saying it's to teach Atty a lesson to not challenge gym leaders while they're on vacation. But, she COULD'VE just said "beat it kid, we're on vacation," and that would be that. But no, let me savagely brutalize your beloved companion.

This is something you do to one of the countless psycopathic NPC trainers to give them a wake-up call. Atty's one of the handful of sensible people in the world, though, so this is basically undeserved punishment.

Reply PercussionFish (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 01:10 am

After going back and re-reading the interactions leading up to this point, I can see why there has been so much negativity directed towards Kirst and Laika. Kirst is being completely unreasonable and Laika is acting as the main antagonist at this point.

Also, from what I've seen, some people on the internet like to express their opinions of things on the extreme ends of the spectrum, no matter how mild their true opinions might be.

Reply Guest, 03 Oct 2015 01:30 am

I don't mind Laika and Kirst, myself. I think they're actually rather interesting characters. They might seem more intense since we're seeing this story through Atty's perspective and neither seem to particularly like him.

Reply Guest, 03 Oct 2015 02:33 am

The mystery punner strikes again! Would chew believe it?
What a biting performance.
It's time to crunch down the numbers.
Dragonthing's trying to nip this one in the bud.
(I'll stop now.)

Reply Guest, 03 Oct 2015 03:06 am

For what it's worth, I really like Kirst and I thought his cape swoosh/ tray holding pose was brilliant and one of the funniest parts of the entire comic so far.

I can't believe the levels of faux-hatred for them that have been posted - its as though people aren't aware that some fictional characters can be bad.

First comment I've ever posted, keep up the good work, I love the comic.

Reply Sol, 03 Oct 2015 03:37 am

I don't hate them at all, they feel very realistic to me. Atty just comes in and tries to ruin their vacation in a way, trying to pick on what he views as a weaker gym leader, so they want to stand up for their colleague and put him in his place.

Reply Merrsharr, 03 Oct 2015 03:49 am

Blaize be like "srsly?"
Ah no, it's "char?"

Reply Nascent Opinion (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 03:58 am

While I have to agree with many of the comments above, governing as to why those two would receive a poor reputation; all we have seen is them on a bad day. One acting like an enforcer and the other just shy of a cartoon villain.

What we have not seen, what I have not felt was conveyed beyond; vaguely alluded to. Was the frustration of both, as the Poke'mon training has become a churning pile of lack-wits that make George on a bad day, look good. A situation where our dear protagonist has all the bad luck manifested. We never see the growing frustration of either Gym Leader as their job and the purpose of the league gradually becomes a sadder degrading joke then Jesse and James. All we see is their inevitable explosion on someone which doesn't actually care about any of it and was at the wrong place at the wrong time. It has only been hinted at, a sentence there, a glance there, but the hints of Gym leader frustration with 'Ash Catch'em Syndrome' are present.

Or perhaps I'm completely wrong, wouldn't be the first time, won't be the last.

Reply El Zoof, 03 Oct 2015 04:59 am

I want to be the very best
Or at least I want to try
Maybe have a little rest
And then try not to die
I will travel across the land
Searching for a light
Won't try to understand
Why you all just want to fight

Guess I'll catch this one
You teach me and I won't care
...this boat's going to sink, isn't it.

Reply Guest, 03 Oct 2015 05:50 am


You do realize that she gave him a way out, don't you? Back at Chapter 10, page 50. So you're kinda being what you said she was, blatant hypocrisy at it's best, right there.

Also, the one railing on about bullying was the dude with the cape.

Reply Danny (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 07:58 am

I don't mind, I get why they're pissy anyway, it's their holiday and some guy's crashed their party wanting a fight
I guess the 'being a jerk' is just a way for us to back Atty (Team Rocket, Pokemon-Stealing, People and Pokemon abandoning Atty by the way), anyways, just keep at it, your content your rules

Reply disastermaster, 03 Oct 2015 08:26 am

I don't dislike Laika, Kirst yes but not Laika I mean she hasn't done anything wrong...

And on a completely different note this fight will turn into the untouchable magikarp fight right?

Reply Unnessecary (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 08:42 am

@Krazehhcakes: Looking back at the comic where Atty challenged Luke, he was for the most part polite (as polite as Atty gets anyway) when challenging Luke and Luke's reaction was basically, "Sure, we can have a battle, but I need to check the rules first."

That is one of main things I'm not liking them. They say they are defending Luke, while completely disregarding everything he has been trying to say to them. They are being far more rude to him than Atty was.

Reply Krazehhcakes, 03 Oct 2015 09:13 am

@Unnessecary: Mmm... i'll refrain from spoilers but there's reasons to these character's behaviors. And if being hypocritical is a huge turn off to you, there's plenty of hypocritical behaviors that Atty has displayed as well. You barely got to know Laika and Kirst so they may/may not develop more than Atty.

Reply HaikenEdge, 03 Oct 2015 09:24 am

Both characters seem very one-note. One's a hypocritical bully, the other is meathead.

Reply Takeshre, 03 Oct 2015 09:45 am

@El Zoof: Replace "Or at least I want to try" with "Or at least better than that guy."

Also, the 2nd part should be
"Mokepon! Guess I'll catch this thing (Do people find this fun?)
Why the hell do you have a gun?!
Mokepon! Oh, why should I care
In this world, logic is rare
Mokepon! Just go away
I've nothing here left to say
What on earth is wrong with you?
Mokepon! (Guess I'll catch this thing) Guess I'll try a bit (Mokepon!)"

Reply Ulfhade (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 10:12 am

To throw in my two pokedollars:

I love this comic. I love all the characters. They're real. You will get some people with a chip on their shoulder, you will get some people who want everyone to get along. And I've seen so many examples of personalities I could see in real life, which is part of what makes this so fantastic to me. I wonder if Krist is protective because of what he's experienced, or that he used to be the only one who did stick up for Luke? Is he just the kind of person who overrides what everyone else says based on his personal opinion?

Basically what I'm trying to say is I think they're people with their own reasons for doing what they do, and I can't wait to see in the future how they affect both Atty and themselves.

Thank you for the fantastic work, and I always look forward to what you will amaze with next.

Reply Lanval (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 10:24 am

Popping out from my Lurking to comment on reaction to Kirst and Laika. I see that the comment thread has already moved to defend them, which is good. Personally, I like them and I think it's good to see Atty kicked around and humbled a bit by superior trainers.

But I'd honestly say that the bad reaction isn't towards anything inherent in the characters but because of the format of the story and the sort of people who comment.

The thread here draws the dedicated readers who are pretty invested in the story and sympathize with the Main Character in some important ways (myself included), so I find in some cases there are people who get very upset when they see the main character being given a verbal beatdown and put in his place and will hate the characters that made that happen. I mean, they're placing themselves in this character's shoes and letting him be their avatar in world, so seeing him get handed a beatdown over a gradual month or two month period is understandably something that will make them want to vent frustration.

On the other hand, these sorts of verbal beatdowns can be very useful for character development and exposing the flaws of the character in a story format. Atty most definitely needs this bite of humble pie and now that other readers (myself included) are worried that H0ly will be dissuaded from this, we're popping in with counter-points. Mine would basically be; Any characters who tear down the main character (not even necessarily people who are being jerks in doing so) are going to get backlash due to how Webcomics work but that doesn't mean the characters are bad for the story or aren't enjoyable in themselves.

I guess my point is; there are a lot of people who are reading that are not commenting and they can be different audiences. I wouldn't trust my judgement of the value of characters solely to regulars though it's good to see H0ly take their concerns into account. Personally, I've really enjoyed Laika and Kirst and I hope to see more of them after this encounter (ideally during a rematch where Atty has somewhat evened the odds).

Reply marowakmaniac (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 10:40 am

You make realistic characters. that's why I tterly ABHOR these. because these are realistic, and I've met people like this in real life, and I abhor them as well. So it proves you're a good writer because you made them just like real people, but I can't wait to see them gone because I can't wait to get away from people like them IRL too. but hey, I can say the same about Professor Umbridge in Harry potter,

Reply Raichu (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 10:54 am

Laika is ok. I just hate Kirst. I want Dragonthing beating his Dratinis.

Reply SunBro (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 12:27 pm

I love the alt text reference to Dark Souls. Been playing it obsessively for a week or 2 now.

Reply MoogleSam, 03 Oct 2015 12:44 pm

Personally I dislike both Laika and Kirst - not as characters, but as people.

Reply Tallest Skil, 03 Oct 2015 01:30 pm


>>I didnít expect such intense hatred and unhappiness over a character being a jerk.

That just means you didnít expect your work to be good. Who cares if people hate the characters you WANT them to hate? Thatís the idea. Good on you for people not liking them!

Reply jisakko, 03 Oct 2015 02:12 pm

I can't believe people already hate the characters, I like Laika myself.

Reply Ash927 (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 02:24 pm

Wait what? I love both of those characters.

Reply Atros (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 02:35 pm

Just weighing in because of the author comment, don't tend to read all the comments; I like both characters; I dislike Kirst as a person, but he's the Righteous type, he's still fun to read about if not be around. I don't really know enough about Laika to judge as a person; I mean, Atticus did sortof stroll up to them on their vacation and challenge their weakest member to a battle. If I was on a company picnic and someone came by to throw some work on my secretary I'd be looking to ruin their fuckin' day too.

Reply Guest, 03 Oct 2015 03:33 pm

Just another case of loud minority. This arc is great. Laika comes off as defending her naive sprout friend and Kirst is annoying, but not to any great extent.

Think to shows like Silicon Valley or BBT - there's a place for annoying characters that don't get along with the protagonist.

Reply Luxnight (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 03:36 pm

Honestly I don't see why people are having an issue with Kirst and Laika. Kirst felt Atty was being an unfair, smug little shit by picking on someone younger that he would have an advantage against. Not only that, but challenging the kid on their off time. I would be incredibly offended and uppity if some little crap trainer pulled that on my downtime and would have no problem trashing their team (and kicking them into the ocean after.)

And Laika seems to think Atty sees himself as a bigshot with a fire-spitting lizard (Which we all know is untrue about Atticus) She's merely giving him a taste of what a real fight is going to be like. What he'll be dealing with later down the road. If anything, this is a good experience for him. He'll get his ass handed to him, and maybe he'll take being a trainer more seriously. A cliche trope, but something Atty needs.

Sorry for rambling, or if any of this was written poorly. I can't seem to english despite being english. x3 Love the story and the characters, H0ly. This comic is one of the things I look forward to every Monday/Wednesday/Friday~

Reply Me (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 06:01 pm

I don't hate them I think there's just a polling bias. The only people who're going to comment on characters are the ones who care strongly one way or another. If the commenter doesn't have strong feelings, they will not comment.

Reply Unnessecary (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 06:09 pm

@Krazehhcakes: It's entirely possible for them to be completely awesome characters later, but as of this page, I feel I have no reason to care for them. It's not that I hate them, it's that I find them kind of annoying. I can only talk about what I have seen so far, and what I have seen of them I don't care for.

As for Atty's hypocritical behavior, doesn't he suffer instant karma for pretty much all of those moments? He wants to be left alone and is annoyed by people challenging him, so when he forced Artemis to fight him, Niobe kicked DT's ass. He also nearly got arrested. Hypocrisy is tricky, it can be used for comedic effect, but it can just as easily be really annoying.

Reply Deuswyvern (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 09:22 pm

They honestly never bothered me. I like them both. Frankly I get the impression that Luke is the sort of kid that always defends his bullies, they just picked the wrong time to put their foot down.

Reply Taseli, 03 Oct 2015 09:51 pm

I havent been reading the comments, but how is it Kirst and Laika end up the bad guys here? Atticus went to a vacation cruise with a stolen ticket and tried to make a gym leader work on his time off and ended up getting that to happen. If anyone walked up to you while you were standing in your job but you weren't on the clock you'd be pissed off, too.

Reply gudenau, 03 Oct 2015 09:51 pm

To be honest, I kinda like them. To me they seem like jerks, but on the inside are not; just that they have been though a lot of crap.

Also, I am no longer a guest.

Reply PrimevalDragon (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 10:57 pm

To tell the truth, I love them. Not every character can or should be lovable. You need jerks in opposition to other characters to highlight the good qualities. Keep up the awesome writing. I can't wait to see how the battle ends.

Reply Halosty (Guest), 03 Oct 2015 11:51 pm

@Unnessecary: Yeah but forcing a gym leader, who is in the gym, to do their job and fight you, is just getting them to uphold their civic duty. Gyms are official battling places, so it's not hypocritical to expect the gymleader to fight you when you don't want other people to randomly challenge you.
Just my two pokedollars.

Reply DJSeraph, 04 Oct 2015 05:41 am

Have not read the comments... but I'd just like to say that I'm really really really hoping that DT hangs on long enough to take a chunk of tail with her when that big lump of muscle shakes her off. Mokepon seems to be just barely within the realm of settings where this would be an acceptable plot event... even if it isn't shown. I imagine that would drastically change the mood of the battle, battlers and crowd.

Reply Unnessecary (Guest), 04 Oct 2015 08:05 am

@Halosty: I Disagree, it doesn't matter whether or not the rules were on his side, he still complains when people make him battle but forces someone else to fight him.

Reply orihalium, 04 Oct 2015 09:58 am

an interesting thought does charizard tail taste as good as slowpoke tail?

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