Chapter 6 Page 12

October 4th, 2012, 5:24 pm
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From the Author
October 4th, 2012, 7:29 am
Ohhhh I'm gunna HATE drawing you, tallgrass.

And now the part that takes up a good amount of a Pokemon game- Consistant repetitive level grinding. You're not doing it right Atty, walk around in circles!

See y'all soon.
November 15th, 2019, 5:23 am
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DT_Fan (Guest)
October 4th, 2012, 5:28 pm

Woohoo xD Didn't think I'd make it. Love the feathers all around the place :P

It also seems Atty is pretty efficient, training both Poke's at once without moving a finger.

I also can't help but imagine George is getting bored because Atty isn't all hyped yelling out attacks and stuff as she usually would :P
OS (Guest)
October 4th, 2012, 5:29 pm
I like how he just stands there arrogantly
October 4th, 2012, 5:30 pm
Pidgey? So is Atty going to catch a Pidgey now? Not that it'll be much use... The only thing he can hope for now is an Oddish, and those don't come out until much later... Poor guy.
DT_Fan (Guest)
October 4th, 2012, 5:34 pm
Upon closer inspection... Is she holding some piece of paper?
October 4th, 2012, 5:38 pm
A loveletter!? *Shot*
No, but seriously. Atty's being extremely cool and awesome, even the pikachu can attack without commands now!
someone (Guest)
October 4th, 2012, 5:59 pm
pity, i thought he would come up with a more unique plan, like having his own pokemon fight each other.
Jolt99 (Guest)
October 4th, 2012, 6:10 pm
Atty seems fairly calculating there, might he be actually decent in tactics once he understands how everything works? I can only hope so after seeing the anime crush my hopes repeatedly. I mean how is a pikachu that has been through so much able to lose so much?
October 4th, 2012, 6:11 pm
October 4th, 2012, 6:47 pm
Kill smarter, not harder.
Meijinsan (Guest)
October 4th, 2012, 7:02 pm
Wait! THEY LOCKED EYES! Start that battle music.
Herald of Prophecy
October 4th, 2012, 8:02 pm
So this is just my guess: maybe George is gonna challenge Atty to a battle since you get more experience that way? Just a guess
Magical Fish
October 4th, 2012, 8:02 pm
2nd pannel is exactly what my friends look like when they watch me play.
October 4th, 2012, 8:03 pm
I just noticed- she's holding a paper O_O WTF IS THAT .
jea (Guest)
October 4th, 2012, 8:08 pm
I thought atty didn't know the names of the pokemon...
Prior Semblance (Guest)
October 4th, 2012, 8:48 pm
I guess pikachu didn't have much trouble figuring out how to attack without commands.
October 4th, 2012, 8:51 pm
Did Atticus just remember the name of a Pokémon? Perhaps this is a sign of... IMPROVEMENT...?
Azeal (Guest)
October 4th, 2012, 8:54 pm
Atty wouldn't walk around in circles; he's lazy so he would just spin around. Then you have unlimited tries in safari zone.
Actua (Guest)
October 4th, 2012, 9:39 pm
...This looks like it's bad news...really bad news.
denma (Guest)
October 4th, 2012, 9:41 pm
aww she looks so dispondent and sad!
October 4th, 2012, 9:43 pm
@jea: It's not hard to imagine that with George there, the moment a Pidgey popped up, he knew it's name~
Magma (Guest)
October 4th, 2012, 9:51 pm
!!! "Our eyes have met. You can't deny my challenge."
Captain LeBubbles
October 4th, 2012, 9:55 pm
@krnyong39: No, he's training, remember? So he can evolve DT and have a better chance of winning against Cheaty McCheaterson?
October 4th, 2012, 10:02 pm
@Captain LeBubbles: lol "Cheaty McCheaterson"...
I know he's training, I'm just speculating that since there are so many Pidgeys around Atty might as well catch one. Not to mention the fact that no matter how much he tries to level up Pikachu, it's pretty much going to be useless against Onyx. His only hope at this point is DT learning Metal Claw or catching an Oddish. Or maybe a Deus ex Machina :P
Soul Moony
October 4th, 2012, 10:13 pm
But hey he have to walk in circles from one place to another to get the training right xD haha he looks so efficient, I mean he is not moving one single finger... but Im wonderding did he know that pikachu only evolves with a thunder stone?? I guess no xD
October 4th, 2012, 10:16 pm
At least Atty and George will have plenty of PFP (Pokemon Fried Pidgey) to eat. :)
October 4th, 2012, 10:17 pm
@krnyong39: You can't a MewTwo in this area. :P
October 4th, 2012, 10:21 pm
@qazox: I never mentioned MewTwo...
October 4th, 2012, 10:23 pm
Something tells me is the payback for the Pidgey and the lawnmower incident...
Ultimate the Hedgehog
October 4th, 2012, 10:35 pm
Atticus: What?
George: Do you like me?
Atticus: ... no.
George: T-T
Atticus: now that thats out of the way... are you gonna leave now?
Poppy (Guest)
October 4th, 2012, 10:44 pm
So, you're out and about, training your Pokémon. They're getting pretty worn out and need healing.

Then, who just happens to show up?

George fucking Oak.
Tailstorm~ (Guest)
October 4th, 2012, 11:10 pm
@Azeal: Left! Right! Left! Right! Spin on the spot! Spin me right 'round baby, right 'round~
October 4th, 2012, 11:12 pm
I wonder how he'll beat the onix. I mean, Pikachu is useless and I doubt you'll make DT evolve, so what's left! Butterfree with confusion?
We don't know what pokemon George has, right?
DT_Fan (Guest)
October 5th, 2012, 12:11 am
People seem to be forgetting a key factor:

Atty DOES NOT have Pokeballs to catch Pokemon with. The only one he had was the one he was supposed to give to Oak, and he used it to capture Rat. So he won't be catching any new Pokemon anytime soon.

Makes me wonder if he'll actually need to go see Oak to be able to buy Pokeballs or if H0ly will just skip that... Don't think Colin will be at Pewter's mart to prevent him from buying new ones, will he?
Victor Infinity
October 5th, 2012, 1:11 am
with those feathers, Atty is gonna destroy all pokemons just like the forest xD
Connor (Guest)
October 5th, 2012, 1:28 am
I still think rare candy is a more "Atty-like" training method.
October 5th, 2012, 1:40 am
@krnyong39: charmeloen learns metal claw, it's super effective.
October 5th, 2012, 2:34 am
Still sporting that black eye, huh, Atty.
CBS (Guest)
October 5th, 2012, 3:28 am
wut George is totally checking out his ass 8D

On a more serious note, I hope she challenges him to a battle. I'm curious as to what Pokémon she has :3
October 5th, 2012, 4:37 am
Metal Claw @rogue: @krnyong39: Metal claw wasn't introduced into the pokemon games until Generation II, and this comic is based off Gen I, R/B/Y
October 5th, 2012, 4:39 am
George is totally challenging him to a battle! Wonder what the paper is for though... The battle wager maybe?
Grep Agni (Guest)
October 5th, 2012, 6:27 am
@krnyong39: If I remember correctly Atty only had one poke-ball and he used it to catch Rat. I suppose George has an unlimited supply though.
October 5th, 2012, 8:31 am
I sense a bitchstorm. A biiiiig bitchstorm.
P0n3Swag (Guest)
October 5th, 2012, 10:40 am
Where is the paper? all i see is George pulling on his backpack. He might learn metal claw seeing as they ran into a Feraligator earlier. but its more likely that he'll still evolve dragon thing. I wouldn't actually mind seeing George battle Atty. we still dont know what she has.
October 5th, 2012, 1:05 pm
... so, he's not going to catch one?
I love birds, lol xD (at first I thought he'd let his pokemon fight against each other, lol)
iarei (Guest)
October 5th, 2012, 2:09 pm
Healing Potions Just mace Atty in the eye with one already, George!

This might work for leveling pokemon, but it's still going to leave Atticus skint broke.
BrusselSprouts (Guest)
October 5th, 2012, 4:01 pm
*insert Slowpoke meme here* Hey guys I just realized something!

Atticus has his ear pierced!

(I seriously just noticed that)
VulpesOpaca (Guest)
October 5th, 2012, 5:10 pm
I'm too lazy to log in Wait ... level grinding? People do that? I never do that! In fact, it wasn't until 4th Gen that I realized fighting every trainer and every wild Pokemon was useful.

I beat both Blue and Yellow the same way: using only 4 specific Pokemon (no HM slaves either, I didn't use Flash) and avoiding as many trainers as possible. That's right, I would beat the Elite four and Gary with only four Pokemon whose levels were only higher than Lorelei's and Bruno's Pokemon.

It's actually pretty easy. Atty is already halfway there (with a future Charizard and an electric type).
October 5th, 2012, 6:06 pm
You know what I've always wondered? Why couldn't you just train one of your own pokemon against another of your own? Like sparring? >.>;
jhnkjh (Guest)
October 5th, 2012, 6:26 pm
@Meijinsan: omfg best comment ever ilu
+bird+ (Guest)
October 5th, 2012, 9:57 pm
George looks SO bored, she should train too! Mostly because I'm interested to see her pokemon and her battle style (probably filled with positive encouragement for the pokemon and yelling). I love Atty's expression. That's how I feel EVERY TIME I TRAIN.
Jinja (Guest)
October 5th, 2012, 10:13 pm
Oh yes people would level grind! I mean I think we've already covered the whole severe disadvantage having a charmander starter would put you at the first gym thing. But after my first playthrough in which my Pidgeot leveled up disproportionately to all my other Pokemon and the trainer's Pokemon to the point where Pigy was the only Pokemon I could use because the others were so weak, I made a rule that I had to raise all my Pokemon evenly. Therefore level grinding to get everyone up to snuff.
GreyStarr (Guest)
October 5th, 2012, 10:23 pm
Now kiss him. Do it George!
Anon3636 (Guest)
October 6th, 2012, 12:28 am
mmm, wonder what shes doing.
October 6th, 2012, 2:03 am
PIDGEY! It's vengeance time!
Quarg (Guest)
October 6th, 2012, 6:30 am
Is it a wanted poster George is carrying?
October 6th, 2012, 6:52 am
ah, the good old games where you seriously were walking around level grinding... not like the new games where you could easily catch a 'mon with type effectiveness right next door and walk trough all 8 gyms as if it was nothing...
October 6th, 2012, 4:05 pm
We have seen at least one of her pokemon before... when we first met her. I BELIEVE she has a pidgey... not sure. She battles just like ash xD

Edit: Aha, I was right! After going back to Chapter 4, page 1. She has a pidgey named Pid-Pid (which I read as Pedo-Pedo) which she used to catch a weedle with. So her pokemon include ATLEAST:
1: pidgey (pid-pid)
2: Weedle (unknown name)
teh_fish (Guest)
October 6th, 2012, 5:52 pm
@Merrsharr: The remake games tended to be harder than their predecessors. Especially Emerald and Platinum.
JamesB (Guest)
October 6th, 2012, 9:43 pm
Maybe it is her Resignation from being his follower to leaving him for a better guy, Break up + Resignation = Unhappy guy, or could be a drawing of what Dragonthing might turn into and she'll prevent Brent from making a mistake of his life.
October 7th, 2012, 5:14 am
@teh_fish: Didn't notice that with Emerald. I did notice however, that I spent nearly no time at all grinding in Pearl (at least until I hit victory road)
teh_fish (Guest)
October 7th, 2012, 11:14 am
@Merrsharr: I didn't see any of the original games as a challenge. I did notice that in Emerald, each Gym leader had an extra Pokemon and that Wattson's Magneton somehow managed to put a lot of pressure on my Combusken that outleveled it. I also remember Flannery being a notable threat, and Norman and his Slaking are always troublesome. Can't catch random Pokemon willy-nilly against those guys.

Pearl was easy. Diamond was similar. Cyrus from Platinum...... if you didn't make a crack-team to stop him and have something that can use a powerful Electric attack, he hurts. A lot.
October 7th, 2012, 3:47 pm
I love how calm and collected Atty is standing there among the flames and electricity, surrounded by the feathers of fallen pidgeys. "Nothing new here, just death and destruction among pokemon, as if I haven't seen plenty of that today..."

Also, continuing with my fangirl theory that Kahn is hiding behind the wooden sign, that's totally a love letter he gave George, that she has to deliver to Atty. Yes, yes it is~
blade (Guest)
October 7th, 2012, 6:54 pm
lol nice alt text
Lilycove (Guest)
October 7th, 2012, 7:14 pm
I just wanted to let you know that I named my rival Atticus in W2 :P
BrusselSprouts (Guest)
October 8th, 2012, 6:50 am
I've been counting Atticus Smiles I've found 7. 4 from chapter three (3 if you ignore the one from Dragonthing's imagination). 2 from AAAA and one from Chapter 5. I count a smile as happy eyes and a not scowling mouth.

I have a small montage of them, which makes me feel like a creeper.
Oryc (Guest)
October 8th, 2012, 8:22 am
Great page~ Will DT evolve before fighting the Gym Leader?

@VulpesOpaca: Yeah, first gen was easier than it looks. Lorelei's Dewgong is level 56 (I guess). I beat the full league using a Team with all my pokemons level 40.
October 8th, 2012, 11:42 pm
@krnyong39: MewTwo = Deus ex machina ;)
October 9th, 2012, 5:35 am
somehow his black eye looks like he put on make-up... with cute questionable results...
Juralumin (Guest)
January 7th, 2013, 7:57 pm
I wish my pokemon would attack without me telling them too lol. Also, I hate drawing grass too..XD